Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Creative Space: Documenting December/Journalling Christmas

I'm documenting Christmas and the festive season again this year. Christmas will feature in my Document 2012 album but this is a separate album that goes into a lot more detail. It's kind of a cross between Ali Edwards' December Daily and Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas with the added bonus of playing around with some Project Life products!

I am using Project Life Photo Pocket Pages (Style J) which has a mixture of 3x4 pockets and 4x4 pockets. I am planning to use a 3x4 grid journalling card and an Instagram photo printed 4x4 for each day.

This is the cover. I have made the covers myself by covering cardboard (the stuff that came with the pocket pages!) with Christmas wrap. The I <3 Santa wrap came from Typo as did the red washi tape you can see.

This is the opening page. I covered the inside cover with green scrapbook paper and filled the 1st page of pockets with some paper, badges (they say "love", "cheer" and merry" in case you can't see them) and bakers twine. Originally I had the Christmas 2012 stickers now on the cover on this page but decided to move them once I'd made the cover and realised I needed a title!

Here's the 1st 3 days. Hopefully you can see the pattern I will be repeating for each day. The grid journalling cards have the dates stamped on them and I journal something each day (usually what festive activity we did that day - this is where the Advent Activity List helps!)
These days feature putting the Christmas tree up, a trip back to Palmy and posting our overseas parcels.

The next 3 days feature writing a letter to Santa, making macaroni tree ornaments and a picture of Mr Mischief with the tree (this is a good example of what I do on the days we don't have a suitable photo for the activity. On the 6th we were supposed to "make the house smell like Christmas" but we all had colds and couldn't smell so there was no point! Instead I took a photo of Mr Mischief in front of the tree because his daycare had requested one for their wall display!)

On the 7th we coloured a Christmas photo, on the 8th I went to the races for my work Christmas do and on the 9th we headed to the beach (probably not considered Christmas-sy for everyone but that's what Kiwi's do at Christmas-time!)

And that's where I am up to so far. I am usually journalling each day just before bed and trying to Instagram a photo each day. Then at the end of each week I will get the photos printed and added to the album.

And I've been making some larger fold-over journalling cards by sticking 2 x 3x4 cards together with washi tape. These are great for lists etc. I already have one listing who we have sent Christmas cards to and also our Advent Activities list. These lists will probably all be in a pocket page at the back with some miscellaneous photos.

I've also purchased some envelope pages for the back of the album to add any items that won't fit into the daily pockets (Christmas cards we want to keep etc).

You can see my 2011 and 2010 Christmas albums here.

I'm linking up with My Creative Space today. Why not head over and see what everyone else has been busy making.


  1. Awesome idea to use those page protectors! Looks great!

  2. This a great idea to simplify the December Daily project [which has been waaaay too much for me!!]. It looks amazing :)


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