Friday, September 30, 2011

Things I'm Loving

It's been a pretty busy week all round. Lots of things to do and see this week and not much time to blog about them. So here's a summary of what we've loved this week...

The All Blacks Fan Club Roadshow came to Palmy this week and we took baby along. He was too small to actually take part in the activities on the inflatables but he was quite happy bouncing gently on the edges and getting his photo taken on them :-)

Wendyl Nissen came to PaperPlus on the Square to talk about her new book "Mother's Little Helper" and sign books. I already had her previous two books and really like them (LOVE the lemon dusters recipe!) so I was always going to buy the newest one. Especially when it is offering suggestions for bringing baby up naturally. Baby was having a nap so I was running a little late and missed the demo on making your own wipes but Wendyl very kindly went through it with me at the end after she'd signed everyone's books. She also got her photo taken with my 'smiley' boy so I'm hoping to get a copy for his scrapbook!

And with all these visits to town I've noticed how lovely the Square is looking at the moment...

Palmy's had some pretty horrible things said about it (I'm looking at you John Cleese) but it's a lovely place to be for Spring and Summer. The whole town has a fabulous atmosphere at the moment with all the rugby going on and it's lovely to see everyone being so welcoming to all our visitors!

I'm also loving banana and vanilla smoothie's - so refreshing and a great filling drink for afternoon tea time to tide me over until dinner time. As well as the lovely blue and white papers straws I got from KatyDid to use in my smoothies...

What are you loving this week?
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  1. Loving your list - and totally loving the banana and vanilla smoothies! YUM!


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