Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Creative Space: Baby's footprints

I'm not sure if this counts as my creative space because it was my baby boy making the paint marks on the paper and not me :-)
My mum was here this time last year and while she was here we painted baby's feet to make foot prints - a keepsake to see how small his feet were. He was 5 weeks old at the time.
I have a set framed in his room with the date they were taken (16th September 2010) and decided to set myself a reminder (on my calendar) to do them around the same time of year.

1 year on was Friday last week. I didn't quite manage it that day or on Saturday. But on Sunday afternoon as the day was coming to a close and I was going to get the washing in I took the opportunity!

I masking taped 3 sheets of A4 to our driveway, whipped off baby's socks and trousers and painted his feet with blue acrylic paint.
As you can see on the top sheet on the photo above - encouraging him to walk around made a lot of mess. By the time we got to the third sheet hubby was lifting him up once he'd made a clear print :-)

The photo below has my hand for a size comparison. I'm also going to take a picture of these prints next to the ones from last year.
And I'm thinking about making a little mini-book to collect hand and foot prints across the years :-)

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