Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Granny Square Crochet Cushion Ta Da!

Here is my latest crochet creation. It's a granny square cushion cover.
We've had the same boring cushion covers (see the plain cream and brown poking out at the back there?) since 2005 and I am gradually making them over! The owl print cushion cover was a free gift with Your Home and Garden magazine a couple of months back. And recently I decided it was time to make-over another cushion!

I used the same purple yarn from my rainbow blanket and the light and dark blue yarn from my table runner. This started as a way to use up existing yarn but I ended up having to buy some more anyway!
On the first side I did patterns of 3 (ie. purple, dark blue, light blue) whereas I tried to make the second side more purple (so alternated purple between the 2 blues...purple, dark blue, purple, light blue, purple)

I joined the 2 sides by using Lucy's (joining granny squares as you go) method on my final round of the second side.
I stuffed my cushion inner in once I'd joined 3 sides and then I sewed buttons (with the purple yarn) on to alternate sides and alternate granny gaps (I hope that makes sense - hopefully if you have a close look at the picture above you'll see what I mean) to work as a closure. I did think about joining it all the way around but with a toddler in the house I thought it best the cover was removeable to be washed!

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  1. Very cute!! I really need to do up my cushions as well, they are 1-boring and 2-old. Great idea!! :)

  2. Hi there, Thanks for visiting my page!
    I love your "remodeled" pillow! I have a sweater I just got at the second hand store that I hoped to wear... but it's too small ~ so I was thinking i could lop it off and use the "middle" to make a pillow, and it's sleeves could be wrist warmers or something! Got to love the recyling ~ saving the earth one pillow at a time! he he!!

  3. Es un cojín muy bonito, me gustan los colores que has utilizado.
    Un saludo.

  4. Gorgeous cushion love the colours xx

  5. That looks gorgeous! I haven't crocheted much since I made two single bed blankets when I was about 8. Cushions might be a good starting place for me to have another go.

  6. Thanks for your comments. Love the jumper idea Melody and Cafe Chick - I think a cushion would be a great project to start back with :-)

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  8. Hi from Brazil!! I was looking for squares and found your blog!! this is cute!! And not dificult to do.... thank you!
    And i'm invite you to know my brasilian blog:
    That's in portuguese, but there are cute thinks too.


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