Monday, September 19, 2011

Seasons: Winter

Now that Winter is behind us here's the last of my seasons lists. 
You can see Spring here, Summer here and Autumn here
Looking back at my Autumn list - a lot of those things apply to winter as well but I've tried to include new things on this list as well. 
Hopefully I'll get the chance to add a couple of items to each list as the seasons roll around again.

A work-in-progress list of the things I love about Winter...
  1. cosying up in front of the fire
  2. slow cooker meals
  3. an excuse to light candles and put the fairy lights on
  4. gorgeous hand knitted jumpers for the baby
  5. my Winter blocks
  6. hot chocolate
  7. my baby boy's birthday
  8. snow! (this year at least!)
  9. celebrating winter solstice
  10. cosying up on the couch with my latest crochet project
  11. watching the daffs and tulips emerge and waiting for Spring to see them flower
  12. feeding the birds and seeing a lot more of them when there's no leaves on the trees
  13. the camelia bushes flowering
  14. having an excuse not to mow the lawns and not having so many weeds that need pulling!
  15. brisk winter walks on cold but sunny days

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