Monday, September 12, 2011

Spring decoration (Seasonal blocks)

I've had this project on my desk since the start of the month and got it finished over the weekend. I wanted it done for the start of Spring but at least it's done before Spring is over :-)
You can see my Winter sides and the story of the blocks here.

For the Spring sides I used a bright blue paper to symbolise the sky as that's one of the things I always notice on nice Spring days. I then cut strips of green paper for grass and snipped and ruffled them to give them a 3D effect.
I used some glittery pink thickers for the letters as I thought the lovely pink colour is similar to the lovely flowers that start to pop up as Spring settles in.
I then embellished the blocks with some flower stickers (nestling in the grass), a sunshine, some butterflies and some washi tape bunting.

Looking at them now I wonder if they are too summery but I wanted some bright to suit the season. Plus I have a more beachy theme in mind for Summer so it shouldn't be too samey.
I'm pretty pleased with how they look brightening the fireplace in my lounge :-)


  1. that is a really cool idea- i can imagine my 4 year old loving helping with that. didn;t realise all the seasons have 6 letters!!


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