Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Creative Space: Baby Blanket Progress

Progress on my crochet hexagon baby blanket has been pretty slow. I ran out of the jade coloured wool and had to wait a week for it to come in at my local wool shop. It's arrived and I made up the last of the 3 round circles and have begun turning those circles into hexagons...

The plan is to use the mint coloured green to turn all of the circles into hexagons, joining them as I go but I'm not sure I have enough wool. We shall see.
I'm also a bit worried it will be too small. Once they are all joined I'll use one of my wool blankets that I love (the ones that are the perfect size for tucking baby into the capsule of round his legs in the buggy) to see how the size compares. I'm planning to add a granny border - possibly in a  few different colours so that will help make it bigger too.

If you're keen to have a go at your own hexagons I'm using Lucy's tutorial for the hexagons and for joining them together and would recommend it :-)

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  1. love these! i must learn to crochet - something to keep my hands busy while sitting on my butt!!
    look forward to seeing the project as it moves forward. thanks for stopping past my place!

  2. Your blanket will be so nice, I love the tones of blue that you used. And thank you for the link, I might try to crochet hexagons myslef...

  3. Love the colours - it will look fantastic. Have started one of these for my daughter, want to do a single bed size - thinking it will take me forever.


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