Saturday, November 5, 2011


den-building this morning

I am eating: healthily (well, mostly). I have been going to Weight Watchers since mid-September and have lost over 4kg. I'm always a slow loser but I'm really hoping slow and steady will win this race. I am planning homemade chicken tandoori for dinner (which has just reminded me to defrost chicken breast!)

I am drinking: water. I haven't been drinking as much as I should this week but have my bottle right here ready to drink.

I am listening: to the wind blowing the tress. The back door is open and it's nice to get some fresh air through the house.

I am wearing: my lightest trousers and a t-shirt from my weigh-in this morning (anyone else wear light clothes to weigh themselves? Or is that just a crazy thing I do?)

I am looking at: the garden springing to life and everything looking so lush and green (including the grass which needs a cut but the ground is so boggy at the moment)

I am thinking about: re-examining daily routines and working out how to keep this house clean and tidy.

I am watching: nothing at the moment but I watched a My Sky'd In-Betweeners with my hubby a while ago and I'm really enjoying Downton Abbey at the moment. I also loved Masterchef Australia and was sad to see that finish this week.

I am loving: the milder weather. Being able to sit here barefoot with no jumper and have the washing out drying in the breeze is lovely.

I am missing: scrapbooking. Haven't done anything in so long. I need to get my Document 2011: September pages and then make a start on October. But first I need to tidy my craft desk.

I am looking forward to: dinner, the Christmas break and a visit from G's mum and a trip back to the UK in 2012.

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