Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Creative Space :: 1 year in 3 minutes and 13 seconds

Remember how one of the items on my 29 @ 29 list was to try and take a photo everyday?
I decided to do something a little creative with the photos and here's the result of that task...

365 @ 29 in Pummelvision from Katie in NZ on Vimeo.

I chose and uploaded a photo for nearly every day to my Flickr account over the course of the year and then after the year was up headed over to Pummelvision to create a video of the photos.

Pretty awesome huh? It's so amazing to see baby growing through the video as well as the snapshots of day-to-day life :-)

Some of the photos are the wrong way around which is a wee bit annoying. They are the right way round in my Flickr photoset but I wonder if the issue is that they were re-orientated originally and the wrong way has stuck!

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  1. I absolutely love this and it really does showcase how much babies grow in a year.

    Happy day!
    Felicity x

  2. wow, this is such a great idea, and it is so cool, well done you :)

  3. very neat :) nice seeing the pictures together like that


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