Monday, November 14, 2011

Red Panda Encounter

For my 30th birthday recently my lovely husband treated me to a Red Panda Encounter at Wellington Zoo.
It was an amazing experience and so much more than I was expecting. I thought we'd get to go in the enclosure and learn about the red pandas from the keeper. 
What I didn't realise is we got to hand-feed them and they sat on our laps. It was awesome to be so close to wild animals. 

I already thought red pandas were cute but now I know they are amazingly cute :-)
We fed them bits of pear and red grapes and got to ask lots of questions to their keeper.

This is just some of the great photos I managed to take on the day.

We were in the enclosures for about 30 minutes total and I loved every minute. 

It was an awesome experience. 
Thanks G xxx


  1. Oh wow - so cute! Happy belated birthday, What a lovely treat :)

  2. that is so cool :D very jealous you got to do that


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