Monday, November 7, 2011

The Story of Father Christmas

Side note: this isn't the story of the Father Christmas but a small, cute, squidgy Father Christmas that has been in my life for quite some time!

When I was much younger than I am now I used to read Bunty and other such comics and one year (I'm guessing around 1991 when I was about 10) on the lead up to Christmas they had a puzzle competition and the prize was a small, cute, squidgy Father Christmas toy.
I had a go at doing the puzzle and sent it off. Then a few weeks later a box arrived and inside was my prize!

Father Christmas became a regular decoration brought out every December and carefully tucked away each January.

When I moved to Scotland he stayed with my Mum and every year he would be brought out at her house and adorn the top of the television cabinet or sit on the sideboard. He became quite the family favourite.

And now Father Christmas has made his longest journey yet...
He was carefully packaged up and came here to North Island, New Zealand all the way from Essex in England.

He has come to adorn our fireplace every Christmas. My Mum thought it only right that now I have a child that Father Christmas lives with me :-)

I was so excited to get him out of the box and while part of me wanted to pop him straight up on the fireplace I know that if I wait until December it'll be even more special :-)

Does anyone else have any Christmas decorations that come out every single year and have a special story behind them? I'd love to hear about them if you do :-)


  1. nice looking santa :)

    hmmm i don't think we have any decorations that are special for any holiday. the halloween decorations are out all year, and xmas ones are just up when the fake tree goes up. and not even sure if the tree will go up this year since we might not have room for it in the living room now that we have a dining table lol

  2. Love that wee santa!! fab story. We dont have adecoration that comes out but every year as a family we watched the movie 'miracle on 34th st' both new and old and on Christmas Eve night we read 'the night before christmas' the first year we started our own christmas traditions my mum bought us all copies for our won familys :)

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies :-) Hope you do find some room for your tree Jennifer Rose. Maybe a little tree?!
    And I love the idea of watching Christmas movies on Christmas Eve Stace. I remember reading The Night Before Christmas as a child so will definitely have to get the book out to read to baby this year :-)

  4. we saw a 3 foot fake tree that might fit lol with a bit of moving things around :p

  5. aww, thats so cute! we used to buy a deco from places we visited, so we have a san Francisco xmas tram, an empire state building deco, a brighton pavillion bauble etc. especially now we dont have the cash to travel i love seeing them on the tree and reminiscing x


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