Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sharing on Sunday - 13th November

It's been a pretty germ-infested fortnight in the Mummy Adventures household. Last week the hubby and baby were sick and this last week it's been my turn. It's been horrible but I'm hoping we are all on the mend now. I'm planning a week of early nights and healthy dinners to get us all back to 100%.
I haven't had the chance for much pinning to be honest but I did pin a few gems this week that I thought I'd share with you...

While searching for some inspiration on what to take to a friend's Mexican themed birthday party I stumbled across a delicious looking recipe for Malibu and Lime cupcakes. I may have to give these a go. Did I mention that Malibu is one of my most favourite drinks? (You can take the girl out of Essex but you can't take Essex out of the girl!) 

I was excited to find these easy monkey tutorial which I'm hoping will be great when baby's a bit older.

These little fun and festive pinecones are so cute! Easy way to decorate....except I need to get my hands on some pinecones first!

And finally how awesome are these little festive treat bags? Perfect for making a batch of to hand out to people on the lead up to Christmas. I'm thinking of making these with Malteasers and Jaffas :-)

And this week I'm linking up with Oooh, that's Pinteresting over at Tina Gray
Found thanks to Toushka Lee via KMB
Why not head over for some more awesome pinning inspiration?!


  1. Thanks for linking up! The Malibu and Lime cupcakes look delicious and I'm loving the monkey tutorial. :)

  2. Oh those cupcakes - YUM!! Ahh.. off to dream :)

  3. Those reindeer noses are perfect!
    LOVE them - what a fantastic little gift idea, I might steal the idea :)

  4. Some cool pins today... I think my favourites are the reindeer noses!

  5. The cupcakes seem popular - must try these soon as hopefully they'd be popular "in real life" too :-)


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