Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Creative Space: Baby Shower Preparations

I've been busy this last week getting ready for a baby shower for a lady in our antenatal group expecting her 2nd baby. All the mums are meeting up for lunch this weekend and we have some games and surprises planned!

***The Games***
I bought a sippy cup and some milk bottle lollies and we are going to play guess the number of milk bottles in the sippy cup :-) The closest guess wins the cup and the lollies! 
I've also wrapped up a Milkybar like a cracker and bagged up some jelly babies and milk bottles for spot prizes for other games.
I'm going to take a ball of wool so we can guess the length of the baby bump and then see who is closest!

And I also made a sheet for Baby Scattergories. 
I've copied and posted it at the end of this post so if you want to use it you can copy and paste it into a document and amend it to suit you. 
The baby's name is going to begin with an M so that's the letter I chose to use. Suggestions online are that you use the mother's initial or father's initial or have several rounds with both sets of initials (plus siblings etc). There were lots of examples online so I took some different categories from a few of them.

I also decorated a plain brown gift bag with a baby washing line and tag to put the hexagon crochet blanket in...I can't wait for the mum-to-be to see it. I really hope she likes it!

*B*A*B*Y*  *S*C*A*T*T*E*R*G*O*R*I*E*S*

Your Name ……………………………………………………………………………

Each of your answers should begin with the letter M.
The player with the most unique answers (that are deemed correct by everyone else) wins a prize.

Your Answer

1.       Boys Name

2.       Girls Name

3.       Baby Brand

4.       Baby Food

5.       Baby Toy

6.       Baby’s First Word

7.       Places babies are conceived

8.       Baby’s Future Career

9.       Famous Parent

10.   An item you’d find in a baby’s room

11.   Something that makes babies smile or laugh

12.   Something that makes babies cry

Total Unique Answers: ………………………..

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  1. What a good game. I am sure your friend will love her baby shower, the games and her gifts :)

  2. I like the sound of your baby games. I went to one on the weekend and played a couple of the ones you mention, it was a lovely afternoon. I hope you have fun and I know she will love all the effort you went to. Your gift is beautiful.

  3. Hi there! Thankyou so much for visiting my little blog! Have a lovely day x

  4. Perfect timing! I am organising a baby shower for a dear friend here and was trying to come up with some fun, non-tacky games we could play so thank you!!!! I've totally stolen the baby scattergories one and the guess the sippy cup.

    I've bought two cookie cutters, one in the shape of a baby carriage and one in the shape of a onesie, plus icing pens and a whole host of sprinkles and we are going to have a cookie icing competition! I'm using a very basic sugar cookie recipe. I hope it goes as well as I hope.


  5. Thanks for all the comments :-) We had a lovely time at the baby shower and everyone seemed to enjoy the games!
    Good luck for the organising wellreadkitty and the cookie decorating sounds like awesome fun!


I love getting comments and will always try to come and visit you if you have your own blog or reply when I can :-) Thankyou


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