Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ta-dah! Crochet Cushion Cover

I crocheted another granny square cushion cover recently. You can see the first one here.
This one was for my Mum for her birthday. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!) She recently redecorated her bedroom with aqua, silver and cream wallpaper so I picked those colours to make her a cushion cover. (I really hope the colours are a decent match to the wallpaper - it's hard to judge it based on skype viewings of the wallpaper!)

The only issue with the original cushion cover was the closure. I attached buttons and tried doing it up using the spaces between the granny clusters - unfortunately it didn't work very well and not only have some of the buttons fallen off (my terrible sewing probably to blame for that) but the cushion bulges out of the bottom. So I decided to try something a little different with this one.
As well as the front and back sides I also made 3 smaller granny squares (with the cream yarn as I had more of that left than the other colours) and joined them together. I then joined those to the top and sides of the back cover (leaving the bottom of the mini cream squares open if that makes sense?). 

Once they were joined I joined the front and back around three sides (I'm really not sure I'm explaining myself properly!). So it's like a pillow cover you get for bed sets with a flap that folds over to keep your pillow in the case...here's a look with the cover stuffed (with muslin cloths as I didn't have a spare cushion pad the right size!) which will hopefully show what I am struggling to explain...

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out and now might go back and make a similar flap for the original cushion cover.

And finally here's an Instagram shot of my Mum's cushion cover...

And I've spoken to her since she opened her presents and she likes it and it is a good colour match so woo-hoo!


  1. Think your Mum will be loving the cushion for a birthday pressie :) I have been working on a crochet cushion but need for it to cool down a smidge before I can finish it :)

  2. Really very good. You dear Katie, I like crochet cushions so so much. You must see my home. I made so many crochet cushions and I am still making more and more.. Very well. Best wishes...


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