Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nappy Wallets

I recently wrote a product review for my local Parents Centre magazine and thought it would be worth sharing here as well...

Once my baby boy was a little older and no longer required a suitcase sized bag to carry all his belongings around I started tucking a few items in my handbag when I went out. I kept nappies, wipes and a change-mat in a plastic bag but it was not the most attractive look!
So I started looking online for a solution and discovered nappy wallets.
There are many different ones to choose from with varying price tags and had I been an able enough sewer I’m sure I could have made my own but I’m not. So I decided to go with a handmade option rather than shop-bought.
I visited Felt (the online handmade shop which deserves a review all to itself! It’s the NZ equivalent to the US Etsy) and there were quite a few options on there. I chose one from Salubrious as I liked the pictures shown on the listing and the price was pretty good too ($19.95 including free postage within NZ).
The seller was very quick to respond to my purchase request and happily emailed through some photos of different fabrics I could choose from based on the colours I had said I liked. Once the decision was made the nappy wallet arrived quickly and has been well-used ever since!
My nappy wallet comfortably fits 2-3 disposable nappies, a change mat and a Huggies travel size wipes box. It fits in my bag and also slips into the basket under the buggy when we are out and about.
I would definitely recommend getting one, especially if you find yourself rummaging through your bag for a nappy or wipe when you are out and about!
And if you are keen to look at one similar to mine here is a link to the listing on Felt with the added bonus of selecting your favourite colour to co-ordinate with your other accessories :-)


  1. Were would we be without online purchasing ;) Im sure you under estimate your sewing skills and you could have whipped one up in no time ;)

  2. Hey there, I was just doing a search on google for picture of nappy wallets to get ideas on how to improve my photography of them and to my surprise there was a picture of one of my own wallets! Thanks a lot for this review. I am so glad you have been able to use the wallet a lot. I always wonder how people are getting on with their purchases! I'm just excited to see something I made show up in a google search!! :)


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