Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Creative Space: Summer Decoration (seasonal blocks)

I'm a little bit late in making these seeing as Summer is nearly done (I won't say that too loud though and hope we have a late summer this year!).
I've got 6 little blocks that sit on my fireplace and I'm gradually decorating each side with a letter from the name of each season and some other seasonal decoration.
You can see the Winter version here and the Spring version here.

The blocks were put away at the end of Spring (early December) to make way for Christmas decorations and even though I've had the idea of how I wanted these to look for a while I hadn't quite got around to doing it.

I found the sheet of sand-paper I bought for this project in a pile on the desk at the weekend and it reminded me to get it done. To be honest I did think about leaving Summer until later and going straight to Autumn but my (slight) OCD tendencies wouldn't let me make the sides out of the order of the seasons!

There's nothing that says SUMMER for me more than little boats and the seaside. I was born in a seaside town and as a little girl often spent summer days at the seaside with my bucket and spade :-)

I cut up the sandpaper as the base for each block and then hand-cut waves in two different colours of blue for the ocean. I then had the idea of making little boats and using the letters S U M M E and R as the sails of each boat but wasn't sure how it would work.

In the end I decided to use smaller letters atop washi tape sails on little boats with matchstick masts. 
Washi tape, matchsticks, little boats - this is like my favourite project ever!

I didn't have E's left in the letters I wanted to use so the E is a backwards 3 :-)
In hindsight I wished I'd used a couple of different colours for the boats and sails rather than make them all pink - maybe I can look at changing this up for next summer.
But in the meantime, I'm happy to have this done and be able to cross it off my 30@30 list as well as enjoy the summery decoration before the seasons turn.

Here's hoping I can get the final side decorated in shades of Autumn sometime before winter :-)

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  1. I love your seasonal blocks- these ones are so cute-great idea using washi tape for the flags. have been searching on trade me for some plain blocks to make some myself but there aren't many out there- so far the only plain ones I could find were part of a big set of blocks. Need hubby to cut some for me!!!

  2. very cool idea, great job


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