Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Creative Space: Crochet coffee cup cozy

My lovely friend Kelly recently expressed an interest in crocheting. She had seen a coffee cup cozy she liked and wondered if she could make it herself. 
When I saw her over Christmas I lent her a crochet hook and found some wool she could practice with and attempted to show her the basics (I'm rather cak-handed so not so good at showing other people how it's done!). 
Anyway, she has been busy moving house so when I found out she would be down this way again for Waitangi weekend I decided to make her a coffee cozy to keep her going until she could make one herself.

She likes green and purple so I made 4 x 3 round granny squares in a lime green joining as I went. Then I made a cute little purple flower and some dark green leaves (using Lucy's pattern) and sewed those on. I was 'in the zone' at this stage and not ready to be finished so decided to add a scallop-y border in the same dark green as the leaves to finish the whole thing off (again using Lucy's pattern - where would I be without Attic24?!)

And then I had to buy myself a white chocolate hot chocolate from the Wild Bean to test the coffee cozy out...of course I spilt that on the way home but luckily I'd also treated hubby to a mocha so I used his cup for the photos instead :-)

It came together really quickly - done and dusted in the space of an afternoon/evening and would have been done sooner had I not had to work around toddler naps and meals :-)

It's a little big for a small sized cup but Kelly didn't seem to think that would be a problem :-)
And here's a final instagram shot just because...

Maybe I should make some for my rather empty looking Felt shop? Would anyone be keen?

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  1. That's a nice bright coffee cup cosy! I'm sure your friend will love it!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. i can't crochet yet but its one of my resoutions for 2012, your creation is fabulous!

  3. Thanks for all the lovely comments :-)

  4. I totally *heart* it - as does pretty much everyone who has seen it. Katie is so clever and kind!


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