Monday, February 27, 2012

Scrapbooking: Our Family Right Now

First time in ages since I made a scrapbook layout just because (and not specifically for my Document album) although saying that this may end up amongst my Document 2012 February pages yet :-)

I downloaded Incredibooth on my phone when it was free (it's a photo app that takes photobooth-like pictures) and snapped these strips pretty much straight away. They were so cute I had to do something with them so printed them on 5x7 (if you know how to get 3 strips per page let me know!) and trimmed them up. 
I had fun picking the paper and embellishments for this page because the photos are black and white so I didn't have to match up any colours!
I started with plain cardstock but it didn't look quite right so set to making my own pattern with silver paint and the end of a cardboard tube!

The journalling was really random and written off the cuff but I quite like it - I remember making pages like this pre-baby and it's awesome to see a snapshot of life as it was :-)
Here's a somewhat closer shot of the journalling...

Is it crazy that I am looking forward to the end of February to get my Document 2012 February pages done?!

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