Monday, February 13, 2012

Scrapbooking: Documenting 2012: January

Welcome to my first pages for Documenting 2012 :-) 
You can see my Document 2011 album here

I've decided to change it up a bit this year to keep me motivated. I've bought some 4x4 pocket pages (with 9 inserts each) to begin with and I'm using those for the opening and closing pages each month. For January I've added in 2 normal 12x12 layouts in the middle but I might change this up depending on the month.
I must admit seeing all the Project Life inspiration that's flying around at the moment I did wonder if I should go back and do something weekly but I'm not convinced I have the time or will have enough motivation for 52 weeks! So I'm sticking with documenting on a monthly basis for now and may add in more pages on some months...

I'm using Project 365 on my phone to pick a photo each day so decided to print those out and that fills 2 pockets (I only got my phone on the 12th so there's blank space at the top I filled with "This is January 2012"). Most of the photos on these pocket pages are Instagrams which print wonderfully at 4x4 but some are 6x4's trimmed down...

For the first 12x12 layout I chose some photos from our Hawke's Bay weekend and made a page. The journalling talks about the highlights from the weekend...

The second 12x12 page is a summary of what Mr Mischief is up to aged 17 months. I found last year that I would summarise what he'd been up to each month so I might make it more of a feature this year - that way I can add my favourite photos of him from that month too. That black and white photo makes me heart melt every time I look at it. I used washi tape and bakers twine on this layout which is making me feel rather en-vogue :-)

I tried to use the same tiny blue alphas throughout the pages and added journalling on the pocket pages by cutting up the offcuts from the 4x4 photos (I printed them 4x6 with a white strip each side) and turning them into journalling tags...

It was a busy month and I had more than enough photos to fill all the space this month. I know that might not always be the case but I can always have more pretty pockets with fancy paper and embellishments as fillers if need be.

Is anyone else documenting 2012? How are you doing it this year?

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