Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tea Towel Swap

Leonie over at Kiwi at Heart is hosting a tea towel swap - it's open to everyone around the world and you can sign up until 12th May.
I've decided to join in - I'm hoping for a tea towel to brighten up my kitchen or possibly make something with (one of Tartan Kiwi's Tea Towel Tuesday projects perhaps?)

It sounds like a great way to get some happy mail at a relatively low postage cost.
Anyone else fancy joining in?


  1. Thanks Katie
    I cant wait to head to a fave shop of mine that has AWESOME teatowels!!

  2. Hi Leonie - I'm already coming up with a list of shops I MUST visit to look out tea-towels...they are usually ones I avoid because they have too much nice stuff...but I will suffer in silence for the good of the swap ;-)

  3. What a fab idea, I can't wait to see which tea towel you get :)


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