Thursday, May 26, 2011

Seasons: Autumn

Time for an Autumn list as this season ends and we come into winter. I think there's a lot of things on this list that apply to winter as well but hopefully when the time comes I'll have some wintery likes too :-)

A work-in-progress list of the things I love about Autumn...
  1. It used to be my birthday month (when I lived in the Northern Hemisphere)
  2. It's the most naturally colourful season in my opinion
  3. Finding conkers on walks in the park
  4. Looking for interesting shaped leaves that have fallen
  5. The word 'Autumn' itself is pretty awesome
  6. Warm mugs of hot chocolate
  7. Melty marshmallows in the aforementioned hot chocolate
  8. Wanting to bake to make the kitchen and house feel warm
  9. Apple pie - autumn is the season this seems most appropriate to make
  10. Seeing and hearing more birds
  11. Taking time to close the curtains each night and put the fire on and make the house nice and cosy
  12. Being able to use our gorgeous moa throw on the bed to keep us warm (it was a wedding present from G's mum and there is one on every bed at the hotel we stayed at for our wedding night)
  13. New seasons of shows I like on telly (like Grey's Anatomy)
  14. Lots of rainbows when the weather can't make it's mind up
  15. Wanting to spend lots of time being crafty and make things.
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