Friday, May 6, 2011

Ta-dah! More rainbow crochet - a little bag

I've still got some wool left from my rainbow crochet blanket and I've been playing with it - making hexagons and flowers. Then I saw this on Pinterest and pinned it onto my Crafty Projects board.
The idea of a little granny rainbow bag rattled around in my head for a few days and yesterday I finally found some time to drag out the bag of wool and have a go. Yay!

I picked 5 colours and made 2 six round granny squares using Heather's pattern. The last two rounds are the same colour. 
I then used Lucy's joining granny's instructions and put the 2 squares right side in and slip stitched round 3 sides. 
And then I chained what I thought was a decent handle length across the open sides joining the last chain into the other side before working treble stitches into each chain and finishing with double stitches. (I hope this makes sense!)
The handle isn't quite right - it twists a bit on one side but other than that I'm pleased with it! Once the bag was turned inside out it looked like this...

It's not particularly strong so I can't use it for heavy things like my purse, phone and keys but I'm sure I'll find some use for it. It didn't actually take too long to make and I think if I made a couple I'd get faster. I think it could be an awesome gift bag for something like a CD or a small book.

There's not much of the purple wool left now. I am definitely keen to do a bigger project with hexagons so it may be off to the wool shop for me sometime soon!


  1. Lovely - what a neat idea for a wee girl present - maybe with some lip-balm and lollies inside.Love your colours too!

  2. Thanks for the comments :-) I'm definitely hoping to make at least one more for a present. Hopefully with a less wonky handle!

  3. How cute! Great idea to make them as gift bags.

  4. I think the wonky handle adds character...


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