Monday, April 11, 2011

Scrapbooking: Document 2011: February

I'm up to date with my Document 2011 pages! Woop. March will come in a few days but here is a look at February...

Opening page - I've got some extra photos that didn't make it onto the pages hidden behind the calendar

1st of the divided pages featuring recipes, a summary of the month, a photo before our 1st swim lesson and my washi tape craft projects. The stamps on that photo and on the opening page are from the package the washi tape came in (all the way from Japan)

2nd of the divided pages includes my sewing machine, photo of a scrapbook layout I did at a class, a picture of the Earthquake reporting on the telly, a picture of a house we viewed which we love (address blurred out) and the front page of a beauty place brochure where I got a voucher from G that I used this month 

And the main 'feature' this month is baby turning 6 months. I thought that was pretty big! There's a picture of him with me and with G and there are little tags tied with bows hidden behind each photo where me and G have written him a little note each

So there you have it. Month 2 done. I already love looking over these pages and think it will be AWESOME to look back on in years to come. 

Also I just want to link back to this FREE calendar which is beautiful. I printed it and have it hanging on the wall beside my scrap table (great for checking dates to work out when something happened!) and I decided it was too nice to bin as each month went by. So I decided to use each month on my Document 2011 pages. I'm also loosely trying to work the colours in to each months pages where possible. 
I know we're already in April but it's worth printing just the next 8 months off - it's lovely :-)

You can see all my Document 2011 pages here.

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  1. Fab pages, it is such a lovely project to look back on :)


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