Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Bunting

With the grey skies and chilly nights of late I decided I needed something cute and colourful to cheer me up on the dreary days.
I've been a big fan of bunting for a while now and I adore rainbows but don't have enough of a fabric stash to achieve what I wanted...

So I carefully selected paper in 7 colours to represent the rainbow and some bakers twine and made myself some mini bunting!

I am very pleased with it and tend to move it around on a daily basis. 
Admiring it on my mirror, on the wall next to my calendar, trying it out on a scrapbook page.

In fact I got so carried away that I made a couple more and decided to list them on Felt incase anyone is in need of a little rainbow to brighten up a corner of a room or a crafting project.

I also have some other cute ideas for Felt and hope to get to them real soon :-)


  1. Cute.
    Hey Katie do you know or read Tracy P from "Inside the scrap heap". You guys are both great crafters and scrapbookers ...heres her link if haven't "met". I have met her in real life from our Whangarei bloggers get togethers. Lovely lady.

  2. SO cute! I love the mini bunting! :)


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