Monday, April 4, 2011

Scrapbooking: Document 2011: January

I decided to jump on Shimelle's Document the year project this year after seeing lots of awesome pages from 2010. 
Basically you do a round-up of each month using 1 title page (featuring an envelope with leftover photos and other tickets, receipts etc you don't use on the other pages), 2 multi-pocket pages and 1 feature page of a big thing that happened that month.
It's an awesome way to summarise each month and I think it will be awesome to look back upon. 
I still plan to scrap random events and pages but this will be an ongoing project to keep on top of what baby is doing each month and what we've been up to!

I'm a little late in starting because I had to get my mum to bring me the scrapbook pockets I wanted from the UK. But I've been collecting photos and other bits ready to go.

This weekend I sat down and put my January pages together. I went for some pinks and purples because it makes a nice change from the 'boy' colours I have been scrapping with lately :-) 
Here they are...

(I've purposely blurred other babies photos on this page to protect their identities - it's not your eyes going funny!)

So there you go. I have some photos and other things collected for February and hope to get those pages done soon. And I'm hoping to take advantage of a cheap photo printing deal this week and get the March photos printed ready to go.


  1. Love your Jan pages, i am failing terribly but i am up early to get Feb and March done before my knitting takes over completely lol x

  2. Fab pages, thank you for linking to mine x


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