Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Autumn Walk

A few snapshots from our Sunday afternoon walk. 
I love walking in Autumn and seeing the changes in colours in nature.

We were lucky enough to see 3 tui's having a singsong 
(one popped out of view as I snapped this picture)

I love looking for interesting shaped leaves. 
Can't wait until baby is old enough to help me look :-)

It was a little chilly and someone needed a sleep so he was wrapped up under his blanket

How cool is this with the leaves starting to change colour?

I love walking through woods. 
I love that fresh, woody, rainy smell and the crunch of leaves under your feet.
I particularly like windy paths where you can't see what's ahead of you...it's all about the element of surprise!

Nice to see some dahlias still in full bloom (we were at the same place that I took these photos but these are in a different part of the park)

Unfortunately the baby and dog were not feeling the same level of excitement as I was and both whined for a fair bit of our walk. Thank goodness for a patient husband who doesn't complain when I stop every few metres to snap a picture or look at a lovely leaf or point out trees that look like giant emus!

I'm also developing quite a collection of conkers. 
I have them in a glass and like to admire their shiny-ness every now and again :-)

Here's to enjoying Autumn and all it's lovely colours while it lasts.


  1. Tui's are great aren't they, although my favourite NZ bird has to be the cheeky fantail! Looks like you had a great walk, we will have to get out and about a bit more and enjoy the countryside again... this country has SOOO much beauty to offer!

  2. great pics...gotta love patient husbands with blogger wives...gotta snap everything!

  3. Great piccy's, I like the leaves changing colour :)

  4. I'm awarding you a Kreativ Blogger Award (see http://craftandnappies.blogspot.com/2011/04/kreative-blogger-award.html) Don't feel obliged to pass it on, I just thought I'd share the love and acknowledge the blogs that I love :-)


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