Monday, April 25, 2011

29 @ 29 - halfway review

I am now officially 29 and a half so it's time for another review of where I'm at with my 29 things to do aged 29 list...

Colour-coded for colourful reading! PINK = complete, RED = in progress.

29 @ 29
DONE 1. Paint my toenails 
DONE 2. Scrapbook at least 12 moments of baby’s first year
IN PROGRESS - I've bought the seeds! Although not sure if the right time to plant them will come around before my 30th! - 3. Plant sunflower seeds/grow sunflowers
 DONE 4. Eat tiramisu
 DONE 5. Get my hair cut
 6. Summarise/scrapbook our first year married
 DONE 7. Read a novel
 8. Lose 5kg
 9. Decide if I’m returning to work or not
 DONE 10. Participate in a Christmas ornament swap
 DONE 11. Write a Christmas newsletter
 DONE 12. See Harry Potter 7 (part 1)
 IN PROGRESS 13. List 29 reasons why I’m a good mother
 DONE 14. Blog at least 29 times
 DONE 15. Email at least 50 photos/videos of baby to family
 DONE 16. Finish rainbow crochet blanket
 17. Get a nice photo of all 3 of us (plus maybe the dog)
DONE 18. Take baby swimming
IN PROGRESS 3/10 -19. Send 10 postcards or letters (with photos of baby maybe)
DONE 20. Buy at least 10 bunches of flowers
DONE 21. Try 10 new recipes
 22. Create a photo wall (in the dining room?)
 DONE 23. Make bunting for baby’s bedroom
 24. Have a picnic or tea party
 IN PROGRESS -25. Find ways to celebrate each season
 DONE 26. Give away at least 29 things
 IN PROGRESS -27. Try to take at least 1 photo every day
 28. Write my birth story
 IN PROGRESS 3/12 - 29. Have 12 ‘dates’ with my husband

I'm pretty pleased with where I'm at. More than half done and lots more in progress...just need to keep the momentum going for the next 6 months!
And I also need to give some thought to what I will do for my 30th - 30 things or something a little different? All ideas considered :-)


  1. Well done u! U've done loads :)

  2. you plant sunflowers in september here in NZ, they will be in full bloom throughout Jan. Also I ahve a small challenge of 100 on the go, maybe you will find soemthing in there to add to your next years challenges!

  3. Thanks Michelle :-)

    Thanks boysmum2 - in that case I can at least get them planted before my birthday :-) Just off to look at your challenges now.

  4. I think this is a great idea, I might have to try it in November - almost 29! :)


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