Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Month of Love - Day 4 - My new sewing machine

Day 4 of my A Month of Love minibook...

I bought a sewing machine yesterday. I've wanted one for a while and had been thinking I'd ask for one for Mothers Day. I'd even found one for $99 at the Warehouse! But it came up this week on special with $30 off so I decided not to wait! I'm looking forward to playing and need to find some old fabric that I don't mind making a mess of to practice with. I envisage lots of disasters as I have NEVER been good at sewing!

To make the page I sewed a heart shape onto some blue fabric and went round a couple of times with different stitches. Then I added a journalling box, a glittery heart and my date, stuck it all down and hand-drew stitches around everything to go with the sewing machine theme!


  1. Good luck with the sewing machine. I'm going to get mine out when my Dad leaves... I'm a bit scared of it, but looking forward to the challenge.

  2. Thanks Tartankiwi. Trying to work out where to start! I'm thinking something very simple!


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