Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Month of Love - Day 2 - Baby's First Swim

Here's entry 2 into my A Month of Love mini-book

Yesterday was our first swimming lesson. I didn't manage to get any photos at the pool as I was too busy keeping hold of bubby! But I did get this shot before we left the house which shows how excited we were!
The main reason I made my mini-book 4 by 6 sized was so I could print photos like this one and turn the photos into the page. 
I wrote the journalling straight onto the photo using a Slick Writer pen, added my date and a little heart sticker and then stuck it all down onto the back of page 1. Easy as :-)


  1. What fun! Im thinking I might take master 7months for his first swim at the pools next week. Did your little man enjoy the lesson?

  2. Yay for first swimming lesson! Rascal started swimming when she was 6 months and has been going ever since. She LOVES it! I used to take her but hubby has been taking her since halfway through my pregnancy. I suspect that swimming lessons are now FIRMLY planted on the list of things that Daddy does (which is a shame coz I loved taking her too!) Ah well, as long as they have fun, I don't mind...

  3. Hi Jacksta - he had an awesome time (as did I!) I definitely recommend it - if you go, have lots of fun!

    Hi TartanKiwi - when your youngest is old enough I'm sure both parents will be needed to keep an eye on them both so hopefully you can get some more swimming fun in! I think it will end up being a Daddy activity in our house too which is why I'm making the most of the lessons while I can!


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