Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Do what you love and do it often

I love that saying. So true to make me a happy girl.
So when I found this free printable I couldn't resist and saved the white background with aqua font for printing at a later date.

Yesterday I finally got around to printing it. I had a cheap silver frame that I'd bought on a whim and decided to use that. I fancied it up a little with some washi tape (there's a surprise! expect to see a few projects using that - it gives me an excuse to buy more then!). Here it is sitting on my mantel piece...

and I've zoomed out a little in this one so you can see my little washi covered baby food jars in all their tea-light lantern glory...

As the nights start drawing in it will be lovely to have them casting a warm glow on my mantel.


  1. I'm so shocked you didn't go for the pink background, white text option Ms Katie!!!

    You're so crafty and clever, I love reading your blog - it's a million miles away from anything I could ever create

  2. Ha ha! I admit that was my first choice but I think all the greens and blues of having a baby boy must be rubbing off on me because the aqua won over in the end!
    Thanks Missus - glad you enjoy the read! I can always put you a little crafty pack together if you fancy giving it a go?!

  3. Hi Katie, I read your comment re beginning project sewing ideas thanks but you're profile isn;t linked to reply in email.
    anyway, one of the first things I started with was this cute bag tutorial from ruby in the dust. It was a great first project! and seriously i didn;t even know how to refill my bobbin before starting these projects!
    -also trying some applique was one of the first things I did- i bought some baby bodysuits and appliqued little pictures on them, or you could try a pillowcase like I've done, they are easier in that the cotton isn't stretchy like bodysuits!
    -a really simple softie toy is a good starting project too, I made this one up back when I was starting- it was really easy as it doesn't have any arms or legs to attach! I just drew the shape, cut it out twice and added a few embellishments then sewed it up.
    any q's let me know! :)

  4. Hi Megan,

    Thanks so much for these links and the advice. I love the idea of the little bag and the applique and the softie! Goodness me, I won't know where to start!
    If I manage to get something made I'll be sure to post some pictures :-)


  5. Hi Katie! This idea is great - I too suffer from an addiction to that gorgeous washi tape! Thanks for the comment on my blog too!

  6. Thanks's so addictive isn't it! I'm already trying to decide what patterns to order next!


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