Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weekend Adventures in Wellington :: Gollum at the airport, the Chocolate Fish Cafe and the Worser Bay School Fair

Note: Sorry to anyone who may follow this blog in a reader and got this message unfinished a little ahead of time, I accidently pressed publish rather than save the other day :-)

I had hoped to do posts similar to this right back when we first moved to Wellington as we have been spending time each weekend exploring our new city. Unfortunately I got a little overwhelmed with all the things to share and the photos I had taken and I haven't done it yet. I might try and do one big catch-up post for the things I haven't posted yet but in the meantime - this is what we got up to last weekend (Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th October)...

On Saturday morning we headed out to Wellington Airport to see the Gollum sculpture that Weta Workshop had built out there to advertise and help promote The Hobbit cool is this? And it's HUGE!

Hubby and Mr Mischief for a size comparison!

I wasn't the only one snapping photos but most other people looked like they were travelling through rather than making a special visit just to see it like we were :-) We were also hoping to have a go at the Flybuys Gumball machine but alas, they had packed that away the week before :-(

Next on the agenda was the Chocolate Fish Cafe on the Miramar Peninsula. 

You may remember this was on my 30@30 list...I didn't quite make it before my birthday but 5 days after I turned 31 isn't too bad!
It's such a neat little place. The food was yummy (Mr Mischief had an Egg Sammie, Hubby has the Bacon and Black Pudding Sandwich and I had the Pork Schnitzel Sandwich - all delicious). 

The highlight was Mr Mischief getting a chocolate fish wrapped up in a napkin which we let him open once he'd made a decent attempt at eating his sandwich. He was very impressed to find another chocolate fish as he'd already had one with his fluffy! 

The other cool thing about the cafe was the outside area where they have a little play set and heaps of different bikes, trikes, balance bikes and scooters for the littlies to play with! Lots of fun.

And on Sunday we headed to the Worser Bay School Fair which we had seen advertised and mentioned in heaps of places so decided to go. It was great. We didn't get the chance to buy a ticket for the ball run as they had sold out but we did stay we watch the race...

And best of all, I bought 3 tickets to lot 14 of the rapid raffle for $5 and won a $75 hamper filled with Cafe Polo goodies!

And finally to finish off a lovely weekend we went for a "bike walk" called by Mr Mischief because he rides his bike and me, hubby and the dog walk up and down hills!

And that was our weekend :-)

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