Monday, October 22, 2012

Operation Christmas Child (Year 3)

I've been taking part in Operation Christmas Child in New Zealand since my baby boy was born in 2010. You can see my 2010 post here and my 2011 post here.

Operation Christmas Child is all about delivering presents to children in need. You fill a shoebox with a range of items (such as toys, toiletries, stationery and small items of clothing) for a specific gender and age range and drop it in to your local collection point. The boxes are then distributed to children in need all over the world. You can read more about it here.

We've been pretty busy with the move so I've not been as organised about this as I'd hoped. I managed to track down the Wellington pick up (special boxes and leaflets) and drop off point - it's at the Manna store on Willis Street. I think the deadline for the box drop off this year is 25th October so there's still a little bit of time to join in if you're keen.

And I've spent about a week gathering items for the box.
We ended up with:

  • a cap
  • coloured pencils
  • 2 notebooks
  • some crayons in the shape of keys
  • a toy truck
  • 2 balls
  • some wooden castanets
  • a little wooden sailboat
  • some Cars plasters
  • a pack of tissues printed with a sheep pattern
  • a toothbrush
  • a bar of soap
  • a Thomas washcloth
  • an ink stamper
  • some Cars puzzles
  • a Wellington and a New Zealand postcard
  • a Christmas card with a note about our family
  • a picture made by Mr Mischief

We decided to make up a box for a boy aged 2-4 years. This is the first year that Mr Mischief fits in the age category and it's been a little tricky trying to explain to a 2 year old that the toys we are buying are not for him, but are to be given away. But in the long run, I think it will be great for him to be involved with this.

And this has become a fun and meaningful tradition that I hope we can continue for quite some time :-)

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