Monday, October 29, 2012

Scrapbooking: Document 2012: July

With the move I got a little behind on my Document 2012 pages. I had most of the pockets done for July but was missing 2 photos plus hadn't done the 2 feature pages. So when I packed up my craft desk in Palmy they were left un-finished :-(

Last week I pulled out the album and found the folder with the rest of my photos and embellishments I'd picked out and worked out which photos were missing. I added those photos to a recent photo order (Harvey Norman had 9c prints so as well as the 2 x Document July photos I also printed photos for Document August, Document September and the Becky Higgins/Big Picture Scrapbooking Project Real Life class I am taking at the moment...61 photos for $5.49!)

And over the weekend I sat and got the pages finished! Apologies for the not-so-great quality photos. I'm having issues with my iPhone pictures orientation and uploading them to Blogger. I have to save them as lower-quality GIFs so they face the right way.

The 1st page features my photo-a-day mosaics (and mention having to send my iPhone off when it was broken), Mr Mischief breaking his thumb, the big(ish) earthquake we had, a toddler seminar I attended and details of our coffee group joint 2 birthday party...

My 1st feature page is a group photo from the birthday party with all the mums and babies from our antenatal/coffee group plus most of the dad's and some of the 2nd babies! Sorry so much is blacked out but I thought that best given I haven't checked it's okay to post the picture here. The journalling at the bottom mentions that 2 years on - this is the 1st photo we've managed to get with all the mums and all the babies in it!

The 2nd feature page is Mr Mischief at 23 months. It was pretty difficult remembering what he'd been up to 3 months ago so I was really glad I had taken some notes at the time to help me remember...

And my last page talks about hubby interviewing and getting his new job, time spent in Wellington, a leaving do for someone at work, the Handmade Heart Swap I took part in, tidying up the garden ready for the house going on the market and a cute shot of our wee family...

You can see more of my Document 2012 pages here.
Now I have the photos printed and pages planned for August and September I'm hoping it won't be too long before I get caught up!

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