Wednesday, October 24, 2012

31 things about me

I turned 31 this week and I decided to write this list of 31 things about me on my birthday...

  1. My tipple of choice is Malibu and caffeine-free Diet Coke
  2. I gave up caffeine (in the form of coffee and diet coke) when I was pregnant and can't have it any more without losing sleep
  3. I'm not keen on the number 31 as it has no even numbers
  4. My husband (who knows me so well) pointed out that 3 minus 1 equals 2 which is one of my favourite numbers
  5. My husband and I have been married almost 3 years and a couple for nearly 13 years
  6. I adore stories with happy endings
  7. At the end of books and movies with happy endings I tend to say "that was a lovely story"
  8. I miss the times I could spend all day engrossed in a book or chick flick movie marathon
  9. I love that Mr Mischief is a fan of books and reading
  10. It's an annual tradition that my husband makes me tiramisu for my birthday (since around 2008)
  11. It's virtually impossible for me to lay-in these days (even when hubby gets up with Mr Mischief and leaves me in bed I can't sleep!)
  12. I'm a horrible person when I'm extremely tired
  13. This evening when counting the number of people in a photo I missed the number 44 on 2 occasions according to my husband
  14. 10 years ago I was living in Glasgow, Scotland and working at SQA and had a summer holiday in the Greek Islands
  15. 5 years ago I was living in Palmy, about to embark on NaNoWriMo which I amazed myself by completing (I wrote 50,000 words in 30 days!)
  16. It's weird how age used to be so important but now I struggle to remember how old I am
  17. I have a shocking memory and have to write a lot of things down so I can remember them
  18. I can be really indecisive and it gets so much worse when I'm tired
  19. When I first learnt to drive my Mum used to remind me to put my lights on when I drove in the dark. Now my husband does the same. Sometimes I worry that without these reminders I would forget to do it!
  20. I'm pretty sure that when I was 18 I didn't imagine being where I am at age 31
  21. I love most of "where I am"
  22. But there are some things that need work
  23. One of my proudest achievements is bringing my son into the world and the manner in which I was able to do it
  24. I still can't believe I'm a grown-up
  25. In the few short weeks we've lived here in Wellington I've realised how much I missed living by the sea
  26. I can't walk over stony beaches without looking for heart shaped stones or ones with smiley faces
  27. It's getting late, I'm tired and can't work out if I'm using double negatives or not
  28. There's a mirror in the corner of our bedroom which doesn't match any of our other furniture and it came all the way from the UK. It's the 1st piece of furniture I bought and the only piece of furniture we shipped when we emigrated here
  29. I still can't work out how almost 7 1/2 years (since we left the UK) have gone so fast
  30. I can't decide whether or not to do a list of things to do aged 31 like I have since I was 27
  31. I've lost my blogging mojo during the move but hope that writing some lists and hand-writing my thoughts might help the words come back.

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  1. Happy birthday! Y love your list! I hope you have a nice day!


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