Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Review: SunRice Asian Inspired Noodle Meals

I was recently given the opportunity to sample some new Asian inspired noodle meals from SunRice. The meals I was sent to try were "Hokkien Noodles - Thai Basil and Chilli Chicken and Vegetables" and "Japanese Style Noodles - Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetables".

It was a busy time for us in the midst of the move but I was keen to try something that might make life a little easier during all the other stuff we had to do!
Both meals were easy to prepare and you get everything you need in the packet - a microwaveable container and a fork as well as the noodles and sauce in separate packets. This is great when you have boxes everywhere and don't know where your plates or cutlery are!

I tried the Chicken Teriyaki version which was delicious - it contained lovely plump noodles and sweet teriyaki sauce. And there were some veggies through the sauce as well. Hubby tried the Thai Basil and Chilli Chicken. He found it filling and it was quick and easy when he got home late from work. He said it was tasty.

These meals can be wok cooked as well as microwaved and I think they will be great to have in the cupboard for emergency dinners (when you are having a crazy day and it gets to 6pm and you don't have anything organised to eat yet!) and would also be great  to take to work for lunch.

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