Friday, April 27, 2012

Things I’m Loving {Back in NZ edition}

I’m feeling a little out of sorts this week. It usually happens when I return home from a trip to see family and friends (even when I lived in Scotland I’d feel the same after a trip South to see family – now it’s just on a grander scale!) so I am really trying to embrace the Things I’m Loving linky this week and finding things I am grateful for now we are home...

So here goes:

Delicious hot drinks –NZ cafes do a much better job than British cafes of making both hot chocolate and coffee – it’s something we missed while we were away.

Having British chocolate to ration out that we brought home with us. I’m sorry NZ but chocolate is something that Britain does better in my opinion! We do have a UK food shop literally just up the road from our house but it seems to taste better when you crammed it into your over-packed suitcase to make the journey back!

My holiday journal – I kept a journal while we were away and I’m hoping to get it finished off this weekend so I can share it with you. Here’s a small sneak peek at one of the pages. I am so happy to have this reminder of our AWESOME trip!

Perfecting poached eggs. I have a confession to make – I usually poach eggs in one of those plastic poachers in the microwave. They are just not the same as the delicious ones you get in a cafe so I decided to use Attic 24’s poaching tips and was very pleased with the results. I shall be poaching my eggs this way in the future...and possibly eating more now they taste better!

Autumn walks – after a lazy start on Anzac Day (as in we were awake ridiculously early due to toddler jet lag but didn’t actually getting out of our PJs before 11am!) we decided to take a walk before Mr. Mischief’s nap. It was nearly a disaster because I forgot to lift the bag containing the dogs lead, Mr Mischiefs bottle and nappies as we walked out the door but we improvised and I fashioned a dog’s lead from a tow rope we had in the boot of the car. It wasn’t a long walk but was lovely to breath in some fresh air and watch Mr Mischief kicking around in the crunchy leaves!

Quiet time with Mr Mischief. Yesterday he took it upon himself to find a book and climb up on the sofa beside me so we could read a story together. It was heart-warming. I am trying to make the most of every snuggle and cuddle I am getting these days because I’m not sure how much longer I will be getting them!

And finally, a spot of home baking. I am trying to celebrate being back in my own kitchen and have baked some fairy cakes earlier this week and yesterday me and Mr Mischief made some Banana and Chocolate Chips cakes. I adapted this recipe as we didn’t have any chocolate buttons but did have dark chocolate chips. They are yummy!

Also to be included in this list but without photos is my amazingly comfy bed and lovely powerful shower – both of which I missed terribly while we were away!

Thanks to Paisley Jade for the linky. Go see what everyone else is loving this week!


  1. Lovely list - and really hope you start to settle back in soon! xoxo

  2. It can be tough to return to normal after a holiday..sounds like you have made a start so hopefully the settling in continues. x


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