Tuesday, May 1, 2012

photo a day : : April

Here's a look at my April mosaics for photo a day. 
I am so pleased I've kept up with taking at least 1 photo each day (since 12th January) and then picking my favourite one each day.
And I love that for April I can tell I was still in the UK when I took the 1st mosaic snapshot because the service provider at the top is listed as Vodafone UK!

I get these images by taking a screen shot of my iPhone - if you press and hold the Home button (at the bottom of the screen), then press the Sleep/Wake button  (at top right) your screen flashes and the picture appears in your Camera Roll.
There always ends up being 1 row of overlap (13th - 16th in this instance) but when I use the photos in my Document 2012 pages I trim the double-ups off.

You can see my previous photo-a-day mosaics here.

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