Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Creative Space: UK Holiday Journal

I knew before we left that I wanted to document our trip while we were away. I did something similar last time I was back in the UK in 2009 and still love looking back at it.
I wanted to have a book that would expand as I filled it with photos, tickets and all the other things I tend to collect on holiday. Rather than make something from scratch (mostly due to a lack of time!) I decided to order a custom made rainbow mixed paper book from Elise Joy. The book arrived quickly and I was so excited to see the mix of colours and patterns. The biggest page is 6x4 and it has a clear cover.  (You can see a similar book for sale here.)
Here's how it started out:

And here's how it's looking now that I have completed it....

note the size upgrade on the book rings!

Massive huh? It's absolutely chocker-block full of words, photos and other memorabilia. I am so pleased to have this record of our trip and the whole family have enjoyed reading snippets and having a look as I was making it.
I worked on it at least every couple of days (even if it was just jotting some notes down on a post-it, picking photos to print or making detailed notes using the "Notes" app on my phone) and printed photos 1-2 times per week while we were away at instant photo kiosks (found in photo shops, chemists and supermarkets in the UK). Each day we were away has at least 1 page dedicated to it and there's at least one photo (but usually more) featured from each day.
It's too big to share every page on here but I thought I'd share a selection of some of the pages/photos I enjoyed putting together...

It's a great place to keep all the tickets, boarding passes, leaflets and other memorabilia I have picked up along the way as well as the photos and words.
I'm looking forward to reading it with Mr Mischief when he's older to remind him of our time with family and friends.

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  1. how precious and you put a lot of work into it WTG!!
    Im sure it will looked at often over the years to come :)

  2. I have been enjoying catching up on your holiday posts, everything sounds so fun and exciting. Great scrapbook, looks amazing

  3. Looks fantastic. I wish I was better at doing something with all my tickets etc. I always collect everything, then it sits in a heap in the cupboard when I get home!! Lisa x

  4. You're so clever Katie! What a gorgeous way to record your holiday (the rainbow colours are so you) and a beautiful thing to be able to look back on.

  5. Wow this is amazing! Such a great way to record your adventures. I love that you've included tickets and other mementos right into the book.

  6. that is sooo my bag! i'm going back home to the uk next sunday for 5 weeks. feeling very inspired into doing some documentation of my trip too. will be a lovely thing for my bubs to read through when they are older. nice work.

  7. I followed your link from Elise's blog. This is such a great idea- I save memorabilia but often don't get around to putting it anywhere. I love that you had this with you and even printed photos on your trip!

  8. lovely way to capture the memories for ever

  9. Elise does some great work doesn't she? I really love how you have made it yours - and the layout that you have used. It looks like a lot of fun, and I'll bet that each time you look at it, it will bring back incredible memories. :)


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