Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Creative Space: Crochet Baby Hats

There's something about chilly afternoons and evenings that reminds me to get my wool and crochet hook out and get making!
The other thing spurring me on to get back to crocheting is the influx of second babies in our coffee group. They are coming too fast for me to even consider making blankets for them all so I decided a smaller project like a hat (that's still handmade and useful) would make a great gift.

Dione over at Sew Funky kindly sent me the link to the pattern for the hats she's been making (scroll down to the comments and you will see the pattern) and I got started. 

My first attempt (not pictured) was too small as I'd used a 3.5mm hook but it works as a great little bowl :-)
We had a baby shower for the next arrival due at the weekend so I worked on a boy hat in light and medium blue (see the top photo). 
To make it look a little more 'professional' I popped it into ziplock bag and then stapled some folded over cardboard at the top to use as a label. The picture isn't that great as it was taken in a rush as I was running out the door but here's a look...

And since then I decided to make a couple more to get a little stock ready for future gifts! I had some yummy bamboo cotton left from when I first learned to crochet back in 2009 and decided to make some girly hats featuring little flowers.

I've already had a friend offer to buy one from me when I posted the above picture on Facebook and a few other people have said they like them too.
So I might list one or two in my long-neglected Felt shop. If I can find some time to get more made! 

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  1. they look fab, and love the fancy packaging! have hardly done any crochet this autumn/winter yet but so want to! Good luck with your Felt shop, I'm sure they would be popular :)

  2. you should definately do some up to sell they are cute as LOVE the wee flowers

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  4. So sweet Katie - you're very clever! If you are going to make some more, can I purchase a custom sized one made for a dear little girl I know who is 5 months old?

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone :-) wellreadkitty - I will email you re: colours etc :-)


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