Monday, May 28, 2012

Scrapbooking: Document 2012: March

I'm a little behind on this project but getting caught up now. These are my March pages and I'm hoping to get started on my April pages and have them finished by the end of May (I'm cutting it fine but have already made a start!). That should put me back on track!

It was tricky to fit everything in for March. We only had 1 week of March on holiday but there was so much we did in that week that it took up 9 of my pockets plus my feature page! I kept a monthly page for Mr Mischief as I am enjoying tracking his milestones and the cute things he is up to month by month. That left 9 pockets for the rest of the month!
Saying that though - looking at the pages now - I think it's a good summary of what happened.

The first lot of pockets feature my monthly photo-a-day mosaics, finishing the Hunger Games trilogy, swimming lessons, fun stuff happening at work for hubby, a glass of wine and talk of the nights drawing in plus 2 photos from the Butterfly Park open day.

Some cute photos of Mr Mischief and talk of his achievements at 19 months.

My feature page is all about a day out we had in London (do you like the upside down 7 used as a L?!)

It was really tough picking just a handful of photos to summarise that first week of our trip but then I realised my holiday journal is the main documentation and these pages are just a summary. There's the last photo of home when we left, Mr Mischief on the plane, stopping at Hong Kong, an ice-cream on a sunny day, playing with the sand table at Early Learning Centre and the bottom row is pictures of everyone we saw.

And that's this year's album a quarter of the way through. It's crazy how fast this year is going! 
You can see all my Document 2012 pages here and the ones from 2011 are here.

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