Monday, April 9, 2012

Around (t)here lately {March}

Still snapping away with my phone (although the bird one was taken with my actual camera - just so it doesn't fell totally neglected!). Here's how March looked before we left home...

It's good to look back at my photos for themes...March seemed to be about the weather cooling down. The dog's laying in front of the fire that was on for the first time. I've been drinking hot drinks (which I don't during summer),  warm foods, red wine and less summery colours evident in my photos. It's almost like I was trying to feel warm all month...I think I will try and do one of these posts about our holiday and then try to do them monthly so I can find patterns in my life as the months go by.

You can see my collection of February photos here.

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  1. Dear Katie, I must say that I love Scotland too... You know I am very interested in Scottish history, culture and music so much. They are so nice pictures showing your March time.. All happy days for you and your family in whole months... Best wishes..


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