Sunday, April 1, 2012

On holiday

To be honest I wasn't sure if I would be blogging about our holiday whilst we were away or if I would leave it until we got home. But I find myself wanting to get some notes down while we are here. I'm not convinced I will be able to do this regularly but I will try and pop by and say hello when I can. I have some photos from a day trip to London to share so look out for that in the next couple of days.

I find it hard to believe we have already been here a week. I have no idea where that time has gone. It seems to have taken longer to "settle in" this time. I feel more like a visitor this time (the last time I visited the UK was July/August 2009) rather than returning home which is strange in itself. It's been lovely seeing friends and family but at the same time I feel a sense of panic that we haven't got enough time with them.

It's all quite strange to be honest. It's fantastic - I am enjoying our visit as is the hubby and Mr Mischief and the weather has been great (apart from today which is quite grey and cold) but there seems to be a lot of thinking and baffled thoughts going on behind the enjoyment. 
Is this still home? Is NZ home? Am I a foreigner here or in NZ? Which coin is this? Where have all the shops gone? Lots of questions. Maybe I'll get answers by the time I leave but I won't worry too much if I don't. 
I am enjoying documenting the whole trip in a journal I purchased before I left. I'm printing photos every few days and adding them in along with my words documenting what we have done and who we have seen when.
Anyway, hopefully I'll have time to write again soon but in the meantime we have places to go and people to see :-)
Take care

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  1. glad the weather has been good for your trip :) i can't believe how much sun we are getting


I love getting comments and will always try to come and visit you if you have your own blog or reply when I can :-) Thankyou


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