Monday, March 26, 2012

Awesome iPhone Apps

Following on from my iPhone Tips and Tricks post I have also compiled a list of my favourite apps. I'm guessing this list will change and grow over time but here's a current list of apps I am enjoying and finding useful...

Photo Taking/Sharing/Collating:
Project 365

Draw Something
Words with Friends

For kids (toddler age):
Tom the Talking Cat
Old McDonald's Farm

FeeddlerRSS (for Google Reader)
Genius Scan

(The links go to either a website I've found for the app or the listing in the app store.) 

Do you have any apps you'd recommend?


  1. Hello lovely! We have so many apps the same but I've gotta say I LOVE Hipstamatic! It's similar to IG in the sense of lenses but the quality for printing is ace! I love Draw something too {michelle.k}, phonto, red stamp, sketch to scrap, halftone, bop it, LineUp2 & Incredibooth r all fabby too! Gimme a shout if u want

  2. Have you tried WhatsAp? It's saved me a ton of money in international texting! It works like a cross platform instant message service, so you can chat with people who have any type of smart phone. Laura :o)


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