Thursday, March 15, 2012

iPhone tips and tricks

Now I'm guessing people that don't have/want an iPhone won't care about this post and people with iPhones may already know this stuff but hopefully it might help someone out :-) 

It's been a couple of months now since my lovely husband bought me an iPhone. I am absolutely in love with both him and the phone! I am wondering how I did without the phone in the first place to be honest. I know they are pricey but it's basically my phone/calendar/to do list/iPod/camera/emails/internet/games all rolled into one so I figure it'll be earn it's keep over the time I have it.

I thought I'd share a couple of tips I have picked up to make my iPhone even more awesome...

  1. Did you know if you put your iPhone into a ceramic bowl when it's playing music it amplifies? It's basically like adding an extra speaker to the phone! I have a collection of ceramic bowls sitting on my kitchen counter to look pretty and have discovered my Cornishware bowl is the perfect size to amplify my music so I can sing and dance and be silly while tidying the kitchen and prepping food.
  2. You can take screenshots of what's on your phone screen (which is how I get pictures of my Project 365 mosaics so I can print them for my document 2012 project). If you press and hold the Home button (at the bottom of the screen), then press the Sleep/Wake button  (at top right) your screen flashes and the picture appears in your Camera Roll.
  3. If you press the Home button twice it brings up a shortcut menu along the bottom of your screen - if you scroll to the left there's a button at the end with a curly arrow. Click this and you have locked Portrait Orientation on the phone. So basically if you are laying down looking at your phone it won't try and rotate the screen based on it's position. Very handy for lazy weekends when I am catching up on Google Reader in bed!

Anyway - that's just a few useful tips and tricks I have found. There is also a list of heaps more here on the Apple website so if you have an iPhone why not head over and have a look and see if you can learn something you didn't know how to do :-)

I'm also trying to put together a post of my favourite apps so look out for that coming soon.

And if you have any iPhone tips, tricks or awesome apps to share do let me know in the comments.


  1. I have iPhone envy. My first generation iPod touch is getting very tired and many apps (including ones I've paid for) no longer support earlier releases so I'm considering once again whether I can justify the initial outlay and ongoing expense of an iPhone. I love the tip about using ceramic bowls as an amplifier!

  2. Cafe Chick - you really should get the iPhone, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't look back! It's fantastic and as I mentioned doubles up as a (really good) camera among other things. My hubby has the 3G phone and notices a big difference between that and my phone so I imagine you would be impressed with the improvements between the iPhone and the touch.


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