Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Summer awesomeness

palm trees at the Esplanade December 2011

I thought I'd continue my list of things I love about summer from last year with some specific things we have done this year...

16. Riding the train at the Esplanade
17. Eating strawberries and cherry tomatoes that we have grown ourselves in the garden
18. Mr. Mischief's love of being outside (I imagine this will continue after Summer but Summer makes it easier to take him outside!)
19. Mowing the lawns - I always saw this as a chore before but this Summer I took on the task as my own and got out with the mower regularly. I can now whizz round the front garden in 10 minutes and it takes about another 20 to do the back - much easier when you're not having to empty the catcher every 2 minutes!
20. Chalk paint and decorating the boring and ugly concrete :-)
21. Family fun washing the car
22. Ditto the dog
23. The Christmas Parade in Feilding
24. Riverside walks
25. Lots of time spent at the park
26. Lots of public holidays and long weekends so we can spend time as a family
27. Zoo trips

That's all I can think of for now but I'm hoping I can carry on updating these lists each year. It feels like summer is already a fond memory - we've had heaters on and extra blankets on the beds recently. I must admit I was hoping for a mild Autumn but so far the nights have been chilly. I'm sure it's not normally this cold this early but nevermind - I will just have to concentrate on finding more things I love about Autumn :-)

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