Monday, April 2, 2012

London Baby

Last week we spent a day in London. I've been making up some mosaics to print for my holiday journal (which I'm planning to share here once it's completed) and thought I'd share them here too...

We got the train from Southend into Fenchurch Street - the journey is about 45 minutes and it was Mr Mischief's first train ride. He was pretty impressed. Once we arrived we walked around to Tower Hill and I snapped the Underground sign with the Tower of London in the background. And then we headed to Hyde Park on the Underground (circle line around to Notting Hill Gate and then a change onto the central line for one stop to Queensway). Our destination was Kensington Gardens and the Princess Diana Memorial Children's Playground.

The playground was fantastic and Mr Mischief had lots of fun playing in the sand, on the wooden toys and around the raised walkway complete with slides and wobbly bridges. After the playground we decided to walk across Hyde Park towards our next destination. This turned out to be a great idea as it was a lovely day for a stroll and we saw Kensington Palace along the way as well as spotting the London Eye, Royal Albert Hall and some other London landmarks in the distance along the way.

I couldn't resist snapping photos of the architecture, some red London buses and a black cab! I am such a tourist these days :-) We headed to the Science Museum and had a lovely lunch in a cafe there before heading to the Pattern Pod for Mr Mischief to have a play.

He was pretty tuckered out by then so we decided to cut the visit short and head outside to find a quiet spot in the sunshine and let him nap. We sat by the Natural History Museum and I took lots of photos of the beautiful building and all it's quirky features. Then we headed back on the Underground back to Tower Hill and got on the train at Fenchurch Street at 4.45pm before the busy rush.

It was an awesome day and even though Mr Mischief isn't likely to remember it when he's older I'm glad we will be able to tell him about the day he spent in London :-)

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  1. I havent had a chance to sit down and read blogs for a few weeks, cant wait to sit down and catch up with your travels x


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