Monday, October 31, 2011

Kids Rugby World Cup Swap : : What we received and what we sent

We had lots of fun with the Kids Rugby World Cup Swap hosted by Megan at Mouse House.
You might have seen the sneak peek of the Memory Card Game I made for our parcel on Thursday? Well here's a picture of everything that we sent in our English/Scottish themed parcel to Hana and her family...

Our parcel included:
  • Tunnocks Teacakes - from the UK food shop
  • Scotland and England car mirror covers - from New World
  • Union Jack tissues - from a gift shop in Palmy
  • Memory game - home made and featuring English and Scottish pictures
  • Tartan and Union Jack pencils - from the UK food shop
  • Love Hearts Lollies - from the UK food shop
  • A Keep Calm and Carry On greeting card (with a message from us inside!)
  • Scotland stickers - bought from my local scrapbook store a while ago
  • Some Union Jack cupcake flags - from the UK food shop (for the Royal Wedding)
  • Some home made Union Jack mini bunting that I made for the Royal Wedding
  • Some glittery stickers featuring a Union Jack flag, black cab and red double decker bus - from Accessorize in the UK
  • Some home made English and Scottish flag rubber stamps (see below for close-up)
For the hand made rubber stamps I bought some plain rectangular erasers and used my craft knife to cut out the shapes of the Saltire (Scotland) and St. George's Cross (England) flags.
My first attempt at the English flag didn't have a border and it just didn't look right so I made a new one with a slim border around the edge.
The insides (scooped out bits) look a mess but they don't show up on the paper so I didn't tidy them up too much for fear of accidentally chopping off a bit I did need!
I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out and made a little tag (with each one stamped onto it) and put them in a little bag to keep them together...

And here's a peek at the parcel we received from Hana and her family...

I had a big grin on my face as soon as I spotted the box in the mailbox and saw the black and white washi tape decoration!

I was very good and took photos as I opened it...

Here's a list of what we received: 
  • New Zealand balloons
  • Inflatable New Zealand mallet
  • RWC Sticky plasters
  • Some New Zealand stickers
  • a Rugby ball shaped biscuit!
  • Sky Tower coaster
  • Pukeko magnet
  • New Zealand pencil case 
  • Some little kiwiana notepads (the picture on the front is repeated faintly on the pages inside) 

There was also this awesome pen which has a little button you press and the rugby ball springs off. I honestly couldn't wrestle it off him to put with the other things for the photo...

We blew up some of the balloons on RWC final day, put the fern stickers on our faces and blew up the mallet to knock the balloons around :-)

It was lots of fun and I really enjoyed participating in the swap!
Many thanks to Megan for hosting and Hana for such an awesome swap parcel :-)


  1. ooh teacakes :D very nice swap items, lots of useful stuff

  2. We had so much fun participating in the swap Katie. Thanks so much for our fantastic parcel - we love it HEAPS!!! Hana xo


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