Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Creative Space: Memory Card Game

I finally got my Rugby World Cup Swap parcel sent this week. I'll share everything that was in it in a few days once my swap partner has received it. And I'll also share what we received from Hana and her family - lots of fun things and it was very exciting opening the box when it arrived :-)
But I thought I'd share a sneak peek with you today...

I offered to send an England/Scotland themed parcel to a kiwi. I was able to find some things to send at our local UK shop and even around town but I also hand-made a few items too.

One of them was a Memory Card Game. Do you remember the game from when you were little? There are pairs of pictures and you lay all the cards face down and take it in turns to flip two over. If they match, you win a point and if not you flip them back over and remember where they are for when their pair comes up.

I found all the images via my lovely friend Google :-) And printed 2 to a 6x4 photo print. I cut them down and matted them with some pretty scrapbooking card on the back. 
I then wrote some instructions and printed them out as well as a key to what all the pictures are so that the players can learn about England and Scotland while playing the game.
Finally I found a box to up-cycle to pack the cards into. It was a velcro dots container and I covered it in the rest of the card from the back of the cards to match (cutting a circle from the front to match the window on the box).

I'm really pleased with how it turned out and will probably make another version for my wee man soon - maybe for Christmas.

I've copied the instructions I wrote out below in case anyone would like to use them to make their own version :-)

Memory – 2 player game
Lay the cards out on the floor or table face down.
Take turns to flip first one card over, then a second. If the two cards match you get 1 point, remove the cards from the game and get another turn. 
If they do not match, turn both cards over and the other player gets a turn.
The winner is the person who has the most matched pairs once they have all been matched. 
When the cards are turned over it is important to remember where they are for when the matching card is turned up later in the game.

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  1. that is such an awesome idea Katie!

  2. Great idea Katie - cant wait to see the rest of it from both you and your partner! Like you we sent a South-African parcel to our Kiwi swap buddies. We had some luck with local shops but it was fun working out what we could do to make up for what we couldn't find!

  3. That is such a cool idea! :) Great job. I loved that game as a kid - I might have to give it a go for a certain nephew for Christmas! :) Brillient!


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