Tuesday, October 25, 2011

30 @ 30 :: the list

I'm changing things up a little for my 30 @ 30 list. I'm still planning to do 30 things aged 30 but I am prioritising certain things by giving them more bullets on the list and I'm also allowing flexibility for adding/removing things as the year goes on based on what is current at the time.

Here goes...
30 @ 30
  1. Lose 1 kg
  2. Lose 1 kg (2kg total)
  3. Lose 1 kg (3kg total)
  4. Lose 1 kg (4kg total)
  5. Lose 1 kg (5kg total)
  6. Lose 1 kg (6kg total)
  7. Lose 1 kg (7kg total)
  8. Lose 1 kg (8kg total)
  9. Lose 1 kg (9kg total)
  10. Lose 1 kg (10kg total)
  11. Summer blocks
  12. Autumn blocks
  13. List 5 items for sale on Felt
  14. de-clutter and sort out office
  15. learn to crochet hats
  16. makeover another cushion
  17. make mini albums for my 30th and baby's 1st birthday
  18. scrapbook at least 10 photos from each month (if I continue with Document 2011 and go on to do it in 2012 this should be covered by that)
  19. Summer 2011/2012 seasonal project 1 - paint the front door
  20. Summer 2011/2012 seasonal project 2 - revamp the toadstools in the back garden
  21. Summer 2011/2012 seasonal project 3 - de-clutter/clear boxes from dining room
  22. Autumn 2012 seasonal project 1 - to be decided
  23. Autumn 2012 seasonal project 2 - to be decided
  24. Autumn 2012 seasonal project 3 - to be decided
  25. Winter 2012 seasonal project 1 - to be decided
  26. Winter 2012 seasonal project 2 - to be decided
  27. Winter 2012 seasonal project 3 - to be decided
  28. Spring 2012 seasonal project 1 - to be decided
  29. Spring 2012 seasonal project 2 - to be decided
  30. Spring 2012 seasonal project 3 - to be decided
So as you can see - I want to lose 10kg but rather than list that as one item I've made each kilo a point on the list. I really want to get healthier and losing weight is a big part of that. To lose weight I need to eat healthier and exercise more so healthier living will come gradually as I tick each kilo off the list. I'm also hoping that by breaking it into bite-size pieces it will be more achievable. With this taking up a third of my list I'm trying to keep reminding myself how important it is (for all those times that I start to lose sight of why I'm doing it and want to give up).

The next 8 things on the list are things I want to achieve over the course of the year.

And the final twelve things are split down by seasons (although the dates will be slightly different from the actual seasons to fit around when my birthday falls. The summer list will be from November to January, Autumn from February to April, Winter from May to July and Spring from August to October).
Each season is 3 months long so I am aiming for 3 projects each season (i.e. one each month although I don't have to spread them out like that) which may be season dependent (i.e. involved being outside so need to be done in warmer weather or involve being inside a lot so better for the colder months) or just something I decide I want to do at the start of each season. It also means I can review things as the year goes on and add things rather than thinking "I'll have to wait for my next list to do that!"
So a bit different from my past attempts but I hope it will be successful. 

(You can see what I did for my 29 @ 29 list and how I did here)


  1. Good idea to break your bigger goals into smaller, more achievable ones. I'm still trying to shift 10 kg ... maybe I should look at each kg individually like you have? At the moment, it seems a mammoth goal. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Cafe Chick :-) I'm hoping the "bite size" goals will mean I am more likely to stick with it as it's not too big a goal! Good luck to you too :-)


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