Monday, October 17, 2011

~~~ a ripple along ~~~

I've been wanting to learn to ripple (crochet) for a while but every time I looked at pictures of some lovely ripples I got a little scared it would be too hard.
But now Lucy at Attic 24 and Heather at Little Tin Bird are hosting a ripple along! There's a group on Flickr to share pictures of your lovely ripples and the added benefit of knowing that 2 amazing ripplers (is that a word?!) are rippling right along with you :-)
So over the weekend I found Lucy's instructions that I'd printed AGES ago and sat down and did a practice ripple.
Woo-hoo - it worked!

So I have started a ripple cushion cover.

I'm hoping to move on to a blanket but we will see how the smaller project goes first!
I am using up the yarn left over from the rainbow blanket.

Anyone else rippling along?

1 comment:

  1. I am! I love the pattern, but I find that sometimes my increases and decreases end up in the wrong places :S

    Hope you have better luck :)


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